I have had the privilege to produce some really great artists and write with some of the best and most successful songwriters in the business.  People like Holly Lamar ("Breathe" Faith Hill),  Maia Sharp (Dixie Chicks, Bonnie Raitt), Jason Halbert (Kelly Clarkson) and Lindy Robbins (too many hits to mention).  Here are a few of those projects:
Jaylene Johnson 
Produced/Co-written by Frank Sorci
Jessica Tomich 
Produced/Co-written by Frank Sorci
Jessica album
Stefano Capobianco "GLORY" 3 Song EP
Produced/Recorded and Mixed by Frank Sorci
Guitar/bass and keys by: Frank Sorci
Available at www.stuffyc.com

3song artcoverjpeg
Rosendo  "Time Machine"  
Produced by Frank Sorc
Time machine new 2
Red Letter "Wishbone"
Produced/Co-written by Frank Sorci 
Kess 2
Co-Produced/Co-written by Frank Sorci 
Maia Sharp 
Co-produced/Co-written by Frank Sorci
Damian Joyce "The Wilderness"
Produced by Frank Sorci