Lots of new stuff!!

Hey all, it's been a while. 
Lots of new things going on.  My 20 tracks I did for Warner Brothers  were released a few months back and I am happy to report my recent royalty statement shows that I have six of my songs playing in a variety of places, including fox Sports,The Doctor Oz show, Bravo, CNBC,  Spike TV, History Channel, Lifetime, TV land, Comedy Central and Oxygen to name a few.  I also finished five new tracks for a new Warner release called "Naked 4".  It's called naked, because these are very sparse arrangements:))

In other news, in September I opened a studio in a very cool old cannery building in Japan town.   I've been producing some great artist and it's been a lot fun.  I will try to post some of their music soon.  

Anyway, I try to keep my  gigs posted here, so if you get a chance come out and say hi.